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School Uniform

The school very much appreciates parents’ support in ensuring that all children attend school smartly dressed and in the correct uniform.  We regard this as a very important factor in the success of the school. Our school uniform is designed to be simple, practical and economical.  All items can be obtained from Smart Uniforms just a few yards away from the school.  Alternatively, most unbranded items can be purchased from any popular store or uniform retailer.

Branded items can be bought from Smart Uniforms and My Clothing.

Our policy for children’s school uniform is based on the belief that a school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school, engenders a feeling of community and belonging, is practical, smart and identifies the children as Park Road pupils.   It is important your child is in the correct school uniform every day.

Winter uniform

Black or Grey Trousers or Skirt

White Polo T-shirt

Purple Sweatshirt/Cardigan – can have logo on, however this is not a necessity

Children should also wear sensible, plain black sturdy school shoes or trainers to school. Trainers may be black, navy blue or grey. Boots may be worn during extreme weather only, however, your child should have a more appropriate pair of shoes for during the day to change in to.

Should girls wish to wear a Hijab, this should be either black or white and plain (not embellished with flowers or sequins).

All children have been provided with a book bag, please ensure this is used daily to protect work and books.


Boys:   White Polo Tshirt

            Black, Grey Shorts

            Purple Sweatshirt/Jumper

Girls:    Purple Gingham Dress

            Purple Cardigan

            White Leggings or white tights


PE Kit

White T-shirt, black/navy or grey shorts or

black/navy or grey jogging bottoms, school sweatshirt and trainers.

Children should come to school in their PE kit on PE days


For reasons concerning health and safety, we prefer students not to wear any jewellery to school. However, the following items are acceptable in the school dress code:

  • One small stud in each ear lobe
  • A small discrete watch

Earrings should be removed, taped or left at home on days where children are taking part in PE.

Hair accessories need to be plain and simple. No large bows or flowers please as this detracts from your child’s learning.

The purple sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans can have the school logo on them, however it is not a necessity.

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