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School admissions, with the exception of nursery are managed through Kirklees Council. The School Admissions Team are based at the Civic Centre and can be reached by calling 01484 225007 / 01484 225008 or 01484 225264. Alternatively, you can contact them via email - schooladmissions@kirklees.gov.uk

Further guidance information and how to apply can be found by clicking on the Kirklees Admissions web page.

There is a collective responsibility for all schools a to ensure that vulnerable groups of children are admitted on an equitable basis to a suitable school/academy as quickly as possible to ensure the safeguarding of all young people in Kirklees. Here is Kirklees Policy on Fair Access Protocols

Nursery Admissions at Park Road

Responsibility for making decisions regarding admissions to the schools nursery class lies with the Head Teacher and Governors of the school. The Head Teacher is also responsible for the day to day administrative arrangements that need to be made to ensure that the requirements of this policy are followed.

Age range
The nursery class at Park Road School is able to provide free early years provision for children from the term following their third birthday, if there is an available place.

Applying for a place at the nursery
Parents should apply for school nursery place no later than the dates indicated in the table below. Application forms are available from the school or can be downloaded here.

The Head Teacher will keep a list of children’s names and the names and addresses of the parents who have requested a place in the nursery class. This is known as the nursery admissions list.

The length of time a child’s name has been on the admissions list will not be taken in to consideration. The Head Teacher will inform parents by letter whether it has been possible to allocate their child a place.

Nursery Session Times
We can offer part-time (morning/afternoon sessions) and full-time 8.45am – 3.15pm

If you are entitled to the government 30 hours free childcare you should have received a code which needs to be sent into school for your child’s funding.

If you are not entitled to the 30 hours free childcare and you still want your child to attend full-time Nursery the cost is £75 per week please let the office know if you want your child to attend full-time nursery and we will give you details of how to pay this.

Application for a place in the school
All children will be considered equally for a nursery place, regardless of whether they may eventually apply for a place in the reception class in our school. Conversely it needs to be clearly understood that a child attending our school for their early years entitlement is not given priority into our reception class.

Parents will need to apply separately for a reception class place (contact details at the top of the page). The responsibility for admission to the reception class rests with the local authority as explained in the Primary School Guide for Parents.

Criteria for admission into the nursery class if oversubscribed:

The Head Teacher will organise a panel to consider all applications for admissions if places are oversubscribed. The panel will consist of the Head Teacher, a member of the Governing body, and the teacher in charge of the nursery. A local authority officer can offer support and guidance if required.

Admissions Criteria 
If there are fewer applicants than there are places available, everyone who applies will be offered a place. When there are more applicants than there are places available there has to be a way of deciding which children are offered places. This is done by having admission criteria, also known as oversubscription criteria, which are considered in order. The approved Kirklees admission criteria for community and voluntary controlled schools are:

1. Children in public care (looked after children) or a child who was previously looked after;
2. Children who live in the school’s Priority Admission Area (PAA) who have a brother or sister attending from the same address at the date of admission (the sibling rule);
3. Children who live in the school’s PAA;
4. Children who live outside the school’s PAA who have a brother or sister attending from the same address at the date of admission (the sibling rule);
5. Children who live outside the school’s PAA.

Community and controlled schools will admit a child with a Statement of Special Educational Needs where the school is named on the statement.

Waiting list
Once places have been allocated, and where it is not possible to offer some children a place in the nursery class because it is full, it will be possible for children’s names to be added to a waiting list if parents specifically request it. Any places that then become available will be offered from the waiting list in accordance with the school’s criteria for admissions (see above). Places will be offered on a termly basis.
Only in exceptional circumstances will children be able to start at nursery mid- term.

Parents may choose not to accept the offer of a place for their child but they must indicate whether they wish their child’s name to remain on the waiting list for admission in the following term. They will then be considered for a nursery place along with any other eligible children. This may mean that a place is no longer available and a place with another provider may need to be sought.

Transfer from one provider/nursery to another can only happen at the start of term unless there are exceptional circumstances which must first be approved by the local authority (Free Early Years Provision Working Group). A transfer is dependent on a place being available.

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