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School Dinners at Park Road

All children from Reception to Year 2 recieve free school dinners.  

From Year 3 school dinners will cost £2.35 a day unless your child is eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).  They also have the option to bring a packed lunch if they prefer.  To check whether your child is eligible for FSM please check our Free School Meals page.

Children on packed lunches are able to opt for a school meal every Friday with our Fantastic Friday dinner.  Regular theme days are held too such as Roast Dinner Day, Mardi Gras day, St. Georges Day Lunch, American Themed Lunch etc.

Healthy Lunch Boxes

Park Road is proud to promote healthy eating at lunchtimes.  We hope that parents appreciate the need for children to receive a healthy lunch for their wellbeing and concentration.  Items such as:

  • Sandwiches / pitta / wraps
  • Kebab
  • Crackers
  • Pasta or rice
  • Raw vegetables (e.g carrot sticks) and fruit
  • Cheese / yoghurts

Please support us in promoting a healthy lifestyle and do not send your child with chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks.

Kirklees Catering Service

School meals are freshly prepared each day, on the same premises, using high quality, locally sourced food.

It is very important for all children to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Research has shown that a child's concentration levels are much greater if they have eaten a healthy, balanced meal at lunchtime.

All menus include:

  • Fresh seasonal fruit & vegetables
  • Local produce
  • Organic food items
  • Farm assured halal meat
  • Free range eggs
  • At least 75% freshly prepared
  • No undesirable additives
  • Sustainable fish

Foods high in fat, sugar and salt such as deep fried foods and items containing pastry are limited. We include oily fish, wholegrains and fruit based desserts. A freshly prepared salad bar is available each day as an optional extra.

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