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How does Investors in Pupils work at Park Road School?


Each classroom has an Investors in Pupils display. These are updated every half-term to include pupil's personal target, their class target and agreed rewards. Pupils are part of the target setting process, setting their targets and reviewing with an adult. At the start of the year, pupils and staff agree on a Vision Statement – how they envisage their class to be. Throughout the year, pupils refer to their Vision Statement and measure how they are doing. All classes created 'Induction Booklets' which contain the key information anyone joining the class would need to know.

What We Have Done So Far?

Pupils have been learning about the roles of different adults and how they help towards supporting the school and pupils. This includes staff, parents and Governors. Pupils know that Governors are unpaid and support the Senior Leaders to make further improvements to school. KS2 know there are different types of Governors (e.g. parent, staff) and they deal with complaints and allocate budgets.


We have also been learning about how our school budget is spent and that it comes from central government. Pupils know that staff are the school's most valuable resource (over 70% of our budget is spent on staff wages) and the cost of basic stationary. Pupils understand the need to respect resources and how everything has a price. Each class has a budget.


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