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Investors in Pupils

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Investors in Pupils School

We encourage all of our pupils to express their opinions have their say in making decisions which affect the school. We ensure pupils at Park Road Junior Infant and Nursery School are listened to, as demonstrated by the three pupil bodies: School Council, RotaKids and Sowers and Growers.

Why We Want To Be An Investors in Pupils School

This academic year, we started our journey to becoming an 'Investors in Pupils' school. Investors in Pupils is a nationally recognised award which is highly valued by Ofsted. It aims to provide pupils the skills they need to make decisions to run the school. The award provides us with a unique framework to do this. Investors in Pupils considers the following five areas:

  1. Attendance – pupils know the importance of coming to school every day and are rewarded for good attendance.
  2. Behaviour – pupils follow the school rules and positive behaviour is rewarded.
  3. Classroom Management – pupils have roles and responsibilities and manage their class resources.
  4. Induction – pupils prepare ‘Induction Booklets’ to help new people know the rules and systems of their class. Everyone is inducted into school seamlessly and effectively.
  5. Learning – pupils have personal and class targets which help them to improve.
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