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Our library and other initiatives



In the summer of 2021 the school had a major refurbishment in order to create a wonderful space for the children to be able read and learn.

Following an application to the Foyle Foundation, Park Road School was able to stock its new library in September 2021 with a wide range of beautiful new books that pupils are able to access daily.  

Whole school initiatives

Every year we celebrate our love of reading on World Book Day. Children and teachers enjoy a range of activities based on different authors and their most famous stories.

Reading for pleasure

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Reading Ambassadors

Our Reading Ambassadors have a very important role in school.

There are two key purposes for the Reading Ambassadors:

· Support younger children in developing their reading skills;

· Promote and share a love for reading.

Each Reading Ambassador has a younger child to read with one lunch time a week. During this time, they:

· Listen to the younger child read;

· Ask questions about the book so that they can help the younger understand;

· Model reading by reading a book to the younger child;

· Add a comment to the younger child’s home school reading record to communicate the reading from the session with staff and parents;

· Talk positively and share their love for reading with the younger child.

Reading Ambassadors also have time in the library one lunch time a week in order to organise books, make book recommendations and develop ideas on how to share a love for reading with the school further.



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