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Fred is a frog puppet we use in sessions. He can only speak in sounds. 

Fred talk 

sounding out a word, saying each of the sounds before blending

Fred fingers

‘Pinching’ each sound from a word on your fingers to help spell a word

Green words

Decodable words

Red words

Irregular words that cannot be sounded out

Story Green words

decodable words that will be included in the storybook 

Speedy green words

decodable words in the storybook that children should be able to read at speed rather than Fred talking first. 

Fred in your Head

still sounding out a word but doing so in your head rather than out loud, helps build fluency. 

Special friends

Two or three letters working together to make one sound e.g. sh, ch, igh, air, a-e, i-e. 

Key terms we use in our teaching:

  • Digraph – two letters make one sound (e.g. sh, ch, ai, ea, ou, ow).
  • Trigraph – three letters make one sound (e.g. igh, ear, air, ure).
  • Split digraph – two letters make one sound but the letters have been split apart by another letter.
  • Phoneme – a single unit of sound
  • Grapheme – a written letter, or group of letter that represent a sound.
  • Consonants – b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, z
  • Blend – to put or merge the sounds together to make a word (e.g. the sounds d-o-g are blended to the word ‘dog’.)
  • Segment – to break down the word into its individual sounds to spell (e.g cat can be split into the sounds c-a-t.).
  • Sound buttons – ways of visually isolating different sounds in a word. We use a dot under letters where one letter makes one sound and a line understand digraphs or trigraphs. 

Year 1 Phonics Screening Test

At the end of the summer term, children in year 1 sit a statuary phonics screening test. During this test, the children’s phonic knowledge and skills are tested. The table below shows the percentage of children in year 1 that passed the screening test at Park Road School and also nationally over two years.

  2019 2020 2021
% of children that passed the year 1 phonics screening test at BPA 86 90.5 (Assessment took place in Oct when children in Y2 due to lockdown) 82.8
% of children that passed the year 1 phonics screening test in Kirklees 79 76.1 78.8
% of children that passed the year 1 phonics screening test nationally 82 Not available Not available

These results clearly demonstrate the impact that the teaching and learning of phonics has for our children at Park Road School

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